An ergonomic website to improve the User Experience

How to optimize the UX of your website?

The overall performance of your site is mainly driven by the UX. Indeed, offering an optimal web experience to visitors is today a real challenge. To address this problem, several tools are available on the market.

No one is better placed than the users of a site to measure the factors that will facilitate their access to information and make their journeys more intuitive. It is in response to this problem that feedback platforms have been set up. They make it possible to follow the behavior of Internet users in order to determine how to optimize access to the desired content and increase their level of satisfaction.

User feedback is collected in particular in the form of short quantitative studies. Users are asked about their browsing habits. This information can be analyzed with regard to the navigation data collected in passive ways such as the page views, the time spent, the user’s journey or even the mode of access to the site (how internet users have found your website). . The triggering of various personalized actions makes it possible to redirect the user to personalized offers, questionnaires, promotions, web call back, chat …

These tools therefore provide access to real-time insights that help brands better structure information, streamline traffic and adapt the design of their site to its target visitors.



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