Best practices for managing your panels

Panel management tools are more and more efficient and today deliver detailed and reliable information. Above all, they have become democratized and can very well be internalized. Today, having a base of customer panels is essential for anyone who wants to develop customer satisfaction and gain market share.

However, the management of its panelists cannot be improvised, whatever their number and whatever the tools to administer and contact them. Good practices exist for, in the long term, to make the best use of its customer audience.

What is a panel for?

The 21st century customer is more and more versatile. Its relationship with brands and distribution channels is constantly evolving. Keeping an antenna permanently connected to its customers is the best way to anticipate changes in behavior and to put in place the most effective loyalty programs possible.

Building an active base of customers and / or partners or franchisees allows you to maintain a permanent and useful dialogue between your business strategy and purchasing behavior. AreYouNet a SaaS solution allows you to build your own panels in order to get as close as possible to your customers and to build a special relationship with them on the basis of constructive discussions and mutual benefits.

How to effectively monitor your panel ?

The panelization of its customers generates the implementation of a management strategy. A panel is a permanent sample of representative customers, a core target that must constantly “throb”. Abandoned, it withers and fades, overworked, it gets carried away and cracks under pressure.

To effectively monitor your client panel, you have to adjust the focus of communication campaigns: do not overdo it and do it as efficiently as possible to maintain a living and winning marketing link for everyone.

The easiest way to start is to clearly define your medium / long term objectives (KPIs): what information do I need, on what aspects to solicit my clients, what communication channels do I want to use? Depending on my needs and for each commercial operation, I will be able to define a target and select a sample of customers and create, with them, a community. The latter will be able to exchange freely with the best possible transparency, via online discussion forums for example.

Once the community of panellists has been built, this is where the real issue really starts: how to keep the “right” discourse, by asking my targets enough to collect as much information as possible on their behavior and their expectations without however drown them, wear them out, while delivering clear and effective proposals and messages.

Personalize your relationship with your base of panelists

The best practices and management rules for properly monitoring its panels necessarily vary according to the targets, the business sectors and the volumes of your market. However, especially when starting out, a few good “common sense” resolutions always lead to meaningful results.

The ideal would, of course, be to hyper-personalize the relationship with his panelists, and to enter into systematic one-to-one exchanges with him… There is still a long way to go before we can reach this type of paroxysmal situation. However, being able to personalize your customer samples is a cutting-edge opportunity. This is what AreYouNet allows you today, with its functionality for moderating panels (via discussion forums), creating surveys, questionnaires, loyalty programs and its data processing functionalities.

Some good practices to maintain good relations

Target the right samples

A poorly formed sample of panelists will inevitably destroy your image in the long run. If the target audience does not correspond to your messages, a return of disaffection is inevitable: the customer will not feel considered, with texts and proposals that do not correspond to him. And in the end, the panelist will decide to leave the community …

Multiply information channels

Modern online solutions such as the one offered by ODiTY Technology make it possible to quickly deploy campaigns of all types: surveys, polls, games, newsletters, letters, etc. It is a fun, useful and practical way to multiply, in practice, the ways to get in touch with your customers, to give them a sign of life, to remember them, to make them understand the height of your consideration for them. respect, your flawless listening, etc. In short, it’s a way to easily build a “living” community, while improving the visibility of your brand, your products and your services.

Do not flood your panel with information

Having an arsenal of means of communication to reach its panels is an essential thing for any company working on customer satisfaction. Using them well is another. Flooding its subscribers with newsletters or emails every day or increasing the number of surveys without customer benefit are excesses in which strategy directors still fall too frequently … To too much soliciting its panelists, we tire them, as in any relationship … We must always be careful so that the love story at the beginning continues as long as possible. Whoever embraces too much badly embraces: too much communication can “suffocate”.

A few figures to start

Here are some recommendations to get you started. This information is provided as best practices. They are not a cut-out marketing standard or law. They can nevertheless get you started and then be refined according to your experience and your activity:

  • Satisfaction surveys: 2 to 3 per month
  • Newsletter: 1 per quarter
  • Targeted information mails: 1 to 2 per quarter depending on your activity
  • Surveys / Quick votes: once a month
  • Updating your database – over time or once a year:

– identification of the most active panelists (definition of the “core target”)

– removal of inactive from the panelist base

– refining the characteristics of the panelists (targeting)

– recruitment of new panelists

Generally speaking, a “core target” is a panelist who responded to at least one survey over the past 12 months. That’s about 30% of your base, as much as the inactive. On average, there are also 5 to 10% unsubscribes each year.

Find out about our AreYouNet online panel solution and how the ODiTY teams can support you in its implementation.

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