Brand Ambassadors : The importance of training

To become ambassadors of your brand, our employees must understand your brand flawlessly. This is why we advise our clients to get involved in the training of their agents. The COVID-19 crisis currently obstructs face-to-face interactions but training remains a major action point.

From training to brand culture

A good Brand Ambassador controls your values, goals as well as your processes, products and positioning. This is the purpose of the initial training which then allow our Agents to interact with your customers as fully representative employees of your company.

As your offers and customers are constantly evolving, it is also necessary to continuously train agents to ensure permanent consistency of their communication of your brand.

ODiTY supports you in the creation of optimal teams

Our priority is to offer you qualified, trained and specialised resources. This includes at operational, management or quality assurance level. We dedicate an entire department to training on all our sites.

For each new project entrusted to us we additionally a dedicated Project Manager. An invaluable intermediary between your and our teams, the Project Manager will analyse and understand your unique needs to ensure the fluidity of the project. The Project Manager will also work collaboratively with you and your team to develop the basis of your training and provide an evaluation scorecard of your KPIs.

Your distance involvement in the training of your Brand Ambassadors

Whether face-to-face or remotely, we want to facilitate your commitment to optimal employee training. Our offshore teams are based in Madagascar and South Africa, which is only one hour time difference with France. This makes it easier for video conferences with our teams during your working hours. It is also essential for to us to provide you with the means to participate in the evaluation of customer interactions; your CXPlatform allows you to listen to calls to assess their alignment and threafter assign these a rating directly in the platform. Your rating will ultimately enrich the evaluations of the quality department.

Collaboration, performance and guarantee of your brand culture, we know how to accompany you, even remotely!

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