Customer proximity : How can you stay as close as possible to your customers during a crisis?

How do you engage with your customers when you can no longer meet face-to-face? Crisis or no crisis, being close to your customers is your priority. But in a time of confinement and closed signs, how does one maintain good customer proximity?

How does one retain, animate, accompany customers without this physical presence on which you had always counted?

Discover the best solution to maintaining this essential connection in the ‘new normal’.

The transition to the web : A long-standing fact

Chances are didn’t delay establishing your digital strategy.

But your client relationship may have relied heavily on in-person contact.

The ongoing global pandemic has forced everyone to rethink their way of conducting business. Customer proximity has been relegated to virtual contact. Beyond your communication strategy, your online presence must support the essence of your customer relationship.

Rest assured, the right solutions have been around for a long time. And if you hadn’t managed this shift you may be asking “What is the ideal tool?”. The answer lies in Panel Management.

Crisis communication : Mandatory communication

Do you have the right communication strategy available in times of crisis? And above all, in the context of the global COVID-19 crisis? Could your current ads have the opposite impact on your audience, given the current circumstances?

Sarcasm, offbeat humour, black humour, aggressive promotion of a product; these elements of communication may have worked wonderfully in the past but now create unease within the French environment.

Conversely, messages of kindness and closeness are more valued than ever. Sincerity of speech, simplicity, generosity; your communication may have shifted focus to these essential values like many big brands in France and around the world. At the very least, you should be following one of the non negotiable rules of communication; do not disappear in times of crisis. However numerous studies have shown this is unfortunately not the case. The more critical things become, the more a brand must be present and maintain the link with its customers.

Customer knowledge: Panel Management to interview

The customer relationship has been disrupted by successive containment measures. Banks, tourism, luxury; the closure of brick-and-mortar stores has caused a natural retreat to telephonic or online adoption.

But how do you ensure that you are going in the right direction? How do you maintain this essential customer proximity and customer knowledge ?

By positioning a product or service on your site that is accessible to all visitors, for example, allows customers to review and give an opinion on your new services. Ask your customers by phone about their ability to connect online, their experience of your new site and your new tools. Are you still able to conduct business as usual and are as accessible as before? Are your remote tools able to work optimally in your new environment?

The online survey is an ideal product to maintain this customer knowledge function.

This is your satisfaction barometer, which measures customer satisfaction and quality monitoring.

When Panel Management allows you to animate

With the physical distance, it is difficult to manage your community of customers (excluding social networks).

The online survey can now become the driving force behind a community, or loyalty you may have missed.

You can imagine a specific page on your site, a space dedicated to your community and animated every day by a program of different widgets. An evolving wall, where a short survey appears, there an opinion poll and here a quick way of reviewing and voting for products and services. By submitting your product or service to an online panel, with an interactive and visible tool, you create and activate a community on your own site.

Customer proximity : The right tool to support and build loyalty

In times of crisis, proximity is more vital than ever. To make your client understand that their concerns are being listened to and heard, to facilitate a space for fruitful discussion and to make them understand that despite the crisis you continue to support their needs.

Finally, the online Panel Management tool has evolved so that you can now not only profile your customers and their needs, but also retain them or even go further and use it to expand your community.

To learn more, here are the Panel Management solutions of the No. 1 Panel Management tool in France.

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