Customer Service, a player in Customer Loyalty

Your customers’ journey to your products and services is increasingly winding. The distribution channels are multiplying, intermediaries, platforms… On the other hand, to express one’s dissatisfaction, things go much faster… instantaneously, publicly, peremptorily and often definitively.

Responding to each customer who asks you has become a real duty for anyone who wants to maintain a good relationship and not see a buyer abandon their brand. Today, a customer must be listened to. All the more so in the midst of a health crisis with uncertain issues, for individuals, as well as for distribution networks and businesses.

Customer requirements in 2021

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) survey shows that for more than 7 out of 10 customers, the act of purchase is conditioned by Customer Relationship. Customer Relationship is a concept that has evolved significantly over time. The clients of the 30 glorious years are not the same as those of today.

More than ever in 2021, customer satisfaction is changing in the very short term, very subjective and, ultimately, quite relative. In relation to a desire or a need, each customer puts their own aspirations, their way of consuming and their loyalty to the brand.

Let’s remain pragmatic. No need to be a specialist in cognitive, affective or emotional behavior: you need to know your customers to lead a coherent, competitive and intelligent sales strategy.

The excellence demanded by Customer Relationship

To know your customers is to study them. Targeting your interests, purchasing power or age is no longer enough. It is also and above all necessary to measure your level of satisfaction and work on its development.

Forums of expression for clients have been around for a long time. For example, the mainstream media, consumer associations, newspapers have echoed customer dissatisfaction for as long as they existed. The Internet revolution with its dedicated sites, discussion forums and, above all, direct opinions on commercial sites, has meanwhile become a real sector of activity where brand awareness can be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

Anticipating customer dissatisfaction is essential. It can easily be done today by deploying polls, surveys, loyalty programs … Responding to unhappy customers is just as much. And, for that to happen, the preeminence of customer service must focus all the efforts of the company.

The call center: the nerve center of Customer Relationship

Today, the customer relationship center represents 83% of the channels used for Customer Relations (source PWC). We could have thought that this number was less given the current preeminence of everything digital … But in fact, the human relationship remains what is most sought after. The voice of the customer is always the loudest. She needs to be listened to, heard and supported. By another voice, human, this one, present and effective.

Building customer loyalty thus requires a search for excellence in customer relationship centers. The impatience criteria of dissatisfied customers, their requirements in a hyper-competitive context are such that the expected responses must be anticipated, understood and treated in the best way, in a spirit of understanding and proximity. The challenge is enormous for the operators of customer relations centers.

Positioning yourself well on the customer journey is a fundamental process, whatever your own notoriety. Managing dissatisfaction is a key point. Untreated dissatisfaction means a customer who leaves and dissatisfaction that risks snowballing on the Internet …

Therefore, the three key points of running a Call Center will be:

  • respond as effectively as possible to the client, with the most empathy and understanding, in a personalized way even if the case is instantly insoluble,
  • provide an ideal, practical, functional, applicable level of service to stand out from the competition and thus promote loyalty,
  • capitalize on the grievances of an unhappy customer by recording them in a knowledge base that will fuel future strategy by iterating recurring needs.

At ODiTY, we are both consulting and operational in Customer Relations. Indeed, ODiTY’s Outsourcing teams, experts in multichannel Customer Relations, benefit from the SaaS digital platforms edited by our subsidiary ODiTY Technology:

  • LiveIntercept, the platform for personalizing web customer journeys and optimizing conversion rates
  • AreYouNet, the online feedback, surveys and panel management platform
  • CX Platform, the collaborative management solution for customer interactions

The complementarity of the profession and the tools quickly leads to an enriched and successful Customer Experience at all stages of the customer journey.

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