Does your website meet your customers’ expectations?

The definition of what a “good” website has changed significantly in the recent years. We used to say that a well-made website is a “living” website. In other words, under the aegis of a webmaster, a website had to be updated regularly and had to be enriched with contents and, in no case to remain monolithic and not up to date. Nothing worse for any business to display an obsolete, unmaintained website or one that gives the impression of being abandoned, both in substance and in form.

If this rule of regularly updating a website is obviously essential, it is now accompanied by that of performance. A good website is a website that “transforms“. The competition is tough. Once on your website, the user must be “hooked” to find the answers and services they need. A good website should make you want to take action, such as getting in touch or buying.

SEO, content, ergonomics, design, interactivity … There are many areas related to the transformation of a website, upstream and downstream from the visit of a prospect or a client. Before you can give satisfaction to the Internet User who visits your website, you must not have the wrong target. We must already define its key expectations. In other words: what to offer him as a background, what to offer him as an interface to maximize the chances that he will act.

Define the key expectations of your customers

To put all the chances on your side before the development of a successful website, it is necessary to discover the needs of your client. Increasingly demanding, the latter comes to your website to really consult you before possibly entering the funnel. Several methods exist to carry out this task but essential rules are crucial.

First rule: understand the motivations of your client. Why is the customer visiting your website? What exactly is he looking for? Does he have a real need or is he is just educating himself (gathering information)? Indeed, the visitor may simply want to have fun or he may be animated by an urgent need. Between these two types of behavior, the gradation of desire can extend over a more or less wide range: it will be necessary to be able to define a strategy and know what type of audience we want to respond to. This step is crucial. She’s the one who will define your marketing goals.

Today’s resources to understand your customers’ expectations are fortunately flexible and effective. AreYouNet ‘s catalog of products and solutions helps you optimally to dialogue, exchange and stay in touch with your audience. For example, with our online on-demand survey services, you effectively collect and analyze the necessary information for your strategy. In just a few minutes, create polls, quizzes, surveys and analyze the data collected in real time before taking action.

Analyze your website traffic to make the right decisions

You have expertly put your website online with the intention of meeting the needs of your customers … What about its performance now? Quite simply : is the visitor satisfied with his journey on your pages? At AreYouNet, for almost 20 years, we have understood that the heart of what makes the value of a website is its ability to meet the needs of each visitor. Is the ergonomics well thought out enough to quickly access the right information? Do the features of the interface meet the visitor’s request?

There are no ready-made answers to these questions. Everyone has their own way of surfing … To quickly know how your visitors behave, and even if we think we have planned everything upstream, we must be able to make the right decisions, at the right time. Is the presentation of information, products, services well organized? Is the website hierarchy intuitive enough? Is the user’s journey fairly fluid? Quite simply: is he taking action? Does your website “transform”?

For all these questions, ODiTY Group offers you LiveIntercept: a unique, simple and economical service for monitoring the behavior of visitors to your website. Our solution allows you to understand and analyze motivations and blocking points on your pages and optimize their ergonomics. Get in touch for a live demo!

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