Feedback and online surveys: two essential technologies for measuring customer satisfaction

The Internet revolution has profoundly changed sales methods and consumer behavior. Today, products and services are sold via e-commerce, or through traditional distribution methods or in a hybrid fashion with click and collect. One of the commonalities of these processes is the ability for customers to leave reviews and comments about products and sellers, online, on company sites, or on dedicated sites. The influence of these hot reviews or feedback is a game-changer for commercial distribution: customer satisfaction is more than ever at the heart of all concerns.

Getting to know your customers better and measuring their satisfaction is essential when you want to develop your business and grow. Development strategies now all involve polls and consumer surveys. These allow you to refocus marketing strategies and, ultimately, better customer satisfaction.

Likewise, the democratization of online surveys of employees or members of a sales network – and other quizzes and surveys – facilitates the work of managers. For them, building an online survey for their sales forces is a quick and effective tool for creating incentives and measuring levels of knowledge of sales methods, products and solutions.

The online survey to save time

Compared to an online survey, developing a traditional survey, “offline”, takes a considerable amount of time: drafting, dissemination, analysis, reporting … The traditional dissemination of a survey imposes heavy constraints. Whether it is face to face, by meeting the targeted people in person, by telephone or even by mail, an investigation takes up a lot of time and a lot of staff.

Likewise, internalizing an online survey solution represents a cost and an investment in management that is not necessarily profitable if the survey campaigns are not carried out over the long term and on an ongoing basis.

AreYouNet is today the #1 Online Survey Solutions Provider in France. For 20 years, we have been providing survey and polling tools that are easy to learn and long-lasting.

An online customer satisfaction survey and measurement service is a cost-effective solution because of the “self-managed” nature of the support: it is the customer himself who does the work, without anyone’s help. With AreYouNet, there is no need to pay investigators, print paper or enter results. Data from an online survey is collected very quickly and reporting is done in real time …

Benefit from our full support

Choosing to outsource your online surveys is choosing simplicity, freedom of mind and efficiency. Even if at AreYouNet we pride ourselves on offering the fastest solutions to learn, the power of our software has led us to develop a complete tool training program that allows you to go further in the analyzes of results and treat them statistically.

Our team of experts, built up over the years, will provide you with the benefit of its very strong experience and all the scenarios it may have encountered. Benefit from comprehensive support, from writing your questionnaire and choosing questions to overall reporting and formatting dashboards.

Our training takes place in person, with you and as close as possible to your problems. They are also available in distance learning, with practical and easy-to-plan 2-hour modules.

To learn more about AreYouNet training, by clicking here.

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