How to analyze consumer behavior?

Understanding consumer behavior, knowing where, why and how a purchase is triggered, means knowing your market better. Being able to identify trends in a market cannot be improvised. It is a complex process that involves collecting disparate data, starting with the analysis of consumer psychology. This involves determining the right indicators to study one’s cognitive and affective attitudes and one’s predisposition to buying. It will then be necessary to distinguish between the need and the desire of a client, his way of looking for information, to go through with the transaction and then his way of “living”. with the product or service purchased.

A good decryption of the behaviors of its prospects and / or its customers has multiple challenges. First, it determines work targets such as satisfaction / frustration indicators, blocking factors, periods of recurring purchases, etc. This will make it easy to determine the life cycle of a product and the segmentation of a market.

All this data will be used to set up marketing strategies, to position a brand, to create new offers, new communication campaigns. Properly implemented, a complete analysis allows the company or organization to adapt to the behavior of the target audience, or even anticipate it.

Factors to distinguish in behavior analysis

The psychological factors triggering the act of purchase, already mentioned, must be put into perspective with other essential elements that strongly influence consumer behavior. The multidisciplinary aspect of an effective and well-conducted analysis extends far beyond the consumer himself.

The economic context is essential to take into consideration. A consumer marketing study must also analyze what drives customers and prospects, in a context of economic crisis and global competition … Priorities change over time. Depending on the economic sector, we consume less, we consume better, sometimes faster, depending on environmental and societal conditions.

Other data to consider and not least: personal factors. Age, gender, culture, religion, occupation ostensibly influence purchasing behavior. A client’s or prospect’s attitude depends on their social class, level of education, income, mental load, family environment. All of these indicators will have a mandatory influence on his interests, his opinions and, ultimately, his choices.

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The main stages of a behavioral analysis

Carefully conducted, an analysis of consumer behavior can quickly prove to be tedious, or even impossible to cover completely, as there are so many influencing factors that determine the transition to buying. However, the major behavioral steps leading to decision-making can be studied in detail using today’s tools.

We can obviously start by collecting the customer reviews left on the website. It’s the quickest way to bring problems and satisfaction up. The opinions can unfortunately prove to be little nuanced, written on the spur of the moment…

Focus groups and other panel meetings are a great way to meet your own “audience” and chat. But bringing customers together is less easy to implement and requires minimal organization, costly in time and resources and spanning a long period of work.

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