How to maximize your ROI with insights from your online community

What if your consumer community is finally able to to be the epicentre of your real time decision making? From the panel to the community, this is how you can take ownership of a data analytics tool to boost your marketing ROI.

Panel or online community?

Your panel is the antenna that you extend to your customers to stay connected to their expectations. It is your qualitative and quantitative measurement tool to adapt to changes in customer behaviour. The online community is certainly more demanding on human resource, for example requiring prompt action, effective execution and moderation of the community. But a solid online community also allows you to obtain sincere reactions, customer loyalty and qualitative feedback on specific topics. In real time.

Above all it is the way to go a step further, anticipate new answers before even considering the questions and to achieve optimal customer satisfaction for a better ROI.

Agile decision making and responsiveness

The entire customer feedback database from two-way interaction with your community and reactions to communication provides you with the insights which equip you to make informed, essential marketing and commercial decisions. This essential feedback is available as both raw and processed feedback.

At the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is of utmost importance to understand the expectations of consumers, draw the right insights and to test an inclusive and emotional communication campaign in direct response; the efficient animation of your panel allows you to develop an agile and reactive strategy. This will give you the tools to make the decisions needed in order to act proactively in the future.

A stand-alone tool to boost your ROI

By internalizing panel or online community engagement, you will maximize your responsiveness of consumers. Fewer filters, processes and data processing time allows you to adapt your Direct Marketing strategy for the best results.

You also achieve an economy of scale by eliminating the delegation of the management of your database to an external provider. Recruiting your panel, interviewing, disseminating surveys, compiling, exporting and analysing the results; all these key steps are facilitated by a practical and manageable tool : the platform AreYouNet. An all-in-one, single SaaS platform accessible remotely at any time. Who better than your own employees to guide your surveys, activate your community and analyse your consumers’ feedback?

Your digital teams can also benefit from advanced training in the AreYouNet tool to appropriate data processing and analysis. Our Project and Support Experts based in France, are also available to supervise your Panel Management.

To learn more, you can read explore the best practices for managing your panel here.

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