How to measure the notoriety of your brand?

When a brand is recognised by consumers, we talk about brand awareness. This is essential to push the purchase and involves a careful brand image to achieve it. AreYouNet presents five solutions to precisely assess your notoriety.

Start with a notoriety study


Brand awareness surveys are aimed at consumers and are excellent tools for measuring the impact of your overall brand image over a large area. By simply questioning random people (online, on the phone or in the street), it becomes simple to assess your assisted awareness as well as your spontaneous awareness.

The assisted awareness rate is the percentage of people who recognise your brand name from a list of others.

The spontaneous awareness rate refers to the percentage of people who can spontaneously cite your brand after the question “Can you cite us X brands in sector X?” “


Evaluate your brand image on social media

At a time when there are more and more influencers, social media platforms remain very good tools to establish a study of brand awareness. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube, Internet Users have become accustomed to commenting on their purchases and revealing their opinion (positive or negative) on the products they use. To analyse your brand image and your e-reputation, we encourage you to follow the following elements:

  • Reach
  • Engagement rate (interactions such as sharing, comments, likes or reactions)
  • Mentions (positive and negative)


Estimate your notoriety thanks to your website statistics

Your website offers you the possibility of precisely monitoring your direct traffic (via Google Analytics), which is a valuable indicator for your brand image since it refers to the people who accessed your site by typing its URL, without going through a search engine. The search volume is interesting and tells you how many times people have searched for your brand name on a search engine.


Track your notoriety in the media

Media include TV, radio, press and blogosphère. These supports can bring you a real plus for your notoriety study. We recommend that you take a look at different elements to measure your media reach and use tools dedicated to audience analysis to achieve this. It is also important to keep a good watch on your brand name. This will ensure that you track your press coverage in the best possible way.


Compare your brand image with that of your competitors

Have you already measured your assisted or spontaneous notoriety? This is a good thing ! Now, we invite you to compare it with the competition to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Every month, or more regularly, it is essential to carry out reporting and analyse your data and statistics. This data can be compared with that of your competitors so that you can learn from it in line with your branding strategy. Are your results positive? It’s perfect, you can continue in this direction. Conversely, if the figures observed are negative, you must make more efforts and find effective solutions to move in the right direction. Ask yourself the right questions and use tools that are easy to integrate into your structure.

AreYouNet is at your disposal and offers you tailor-made support. Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to implement a notoriety study that suits you!


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