Internal Survey: how to launch an internal communication audit

No matter the size of a company or an organization, an internal communication audit is essential today. From year to year, the interaction tools between employees evolve, sometimes under the influence of a fashion effect, but more often than not, their adoption by users is only a consequence of the application of an internal policy.

Unfortunately, the adoption of new communication tools may also come from the lack of a strategy in this area. As a result, user’s behavior can completely escape managers, at any level. In one service, “we use e-mails to store attachments“, in another one “we store all documents on our network” and here “we leave all attachments on the chat tool“. We chose to do “like that” because “nobody told us anything”: leitmotif repeatedly heard in synchronization meetings…

Difficult under these conditions to maintain consistency in the general organization of a structure, in the sharing of knowledge and in the control of workflows.

Launching an internal communication audit is essential today. It is the most effective way to understand organization and communication within a structure. The means of exchange, the decision levels, once revealed, are useful to everyone, at each decision level, whether for the HR Department, management or employees.

Boost your internal communication

An internal communication audit is a first step towards clarifying behavior and the use of the different tools. First of all, it allows to measure the profitability of the actions in progress by answering a simple question: “Does the information flow erasure? “More trivially:” does everyone have the right info?” Whatever the answers to these questions, to launch an internal communication audit is to energize it.

Three major objectives must emerge from an internal communication audit:

  • identify the expectations of the different audiences surveyed,
  • assess the responsiveness of employees to the information that circulates
  • and measure the usage rates of the communication tools made available.

Depending on the results, an internal communication plan may be implemented or the indicators identified will boost the existing process. An effectively conducted audit assesses the quantity of information exchanged, their quality and their rate of effectiveness. It is also and above all used to detect blockages, employee behavior in the face of information flow and the development of informal exchange networks.

Stay tuned and develop your communication process

Maintaining a consistent internal listening policy, over the long term, will allow you to optimize the evolution of your communication processes by articulating them as best as possible using today’s tools.

In recent years, mentalities have changed. The practices too. In a business or an organization, even if the email remains at the first tool, we communicate more via the intranet, electronic newsletters, internal social networks, video-conferences without forgetting instant messaging. It is sometimes difficult for dedicated teams to impose a unique, efficient communication methodology among all these media, which evolve quickly, from year to year. Especially since it is now more and more common to use personal devices to chat with colleagues … You have to stay tuned.

An internal communication audit, recurrent, well prepared and well analyzed provides solutions for a clear and effective communication strategy.

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