Our keys to driving your outsourced Contact Centre

Outsourcing your customer service means entrusting a very important part of your brand image to a third party; your service provider’s employees will interact on your behalf with your customers. That is why it is important to choose your partner well and to have the tools at your disposal to steer the operations as optimally as possible. On this point, two key factors are essential and complementary to us :

Establish the right indicators with your partner

Your Customer Relationship Management centre should support you in defining the KPIs specific to your activity, including three KPIs that we advise you to monitor carefully : the contact resolution rate (RPC), customer satisfaction rate (CSAT and Customer Satisfaction Score) and the DMT (Average Processing Time).

This data will always prove to be fundamental tools for efficient management of operations.

Guarantee real time control with raw data, not reworked data

Whether the employees are in Paris, Madagascar, South Africa or Milan, you need to be able to manage activity as though you are physically there. Make sure you have access to dashboards powered in real time and accessible everywhere. A simple internet connection is sufficient, for example access to the ODiTY CXPlatform is hosted as a SaaS solution.

There is no need to download software or exchange very large files, you only need to click to connect to the CXPlatform and can concurrently view the same data as the Team Managers. This way, you can make your timely decisions by relying on all the necessary information. 

And if in doubt or if you have a additional question, you can easily start a discussion with us.

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