Review 2020 : Global Customer Relationship Trends for the luxury sector

With more than 3 million contacts entrusted by our 110 customers through our subsidiaries (France, Belgium, Italy, UK, US, China, Hong Kong and Japan), we like to share every year the major global trends in Customer Relationship for the luxury sector.

Everywhere in the world, it should be noted that the telephone and the e-mail remain the privileged means of contact while the chat or the social networks, which undoubtedly address new generations, remain behind but gradually take their place. Moreover, contacts concerning online purchases are strongly boosted by the health crisis of 2020.

Contact Circuit Analysis

If the telephone remains the primary means of global contact, it should be noted that its decline is accelerating. In loss of 15% compared to the previous year, it leaves the other channels to gain ground.

Contact Circuit by sector

As every year, the telephone remains the preferred channel (+ 51%) for questions about jewelery / watchmaking articles. While the e-mail continues to grow in three interesting sectors of food, decoration and cosmetics.

Analysis by contact pattern

The health crisis has direct impacts on the reasons for contact. The closure of many physical stores has boosted e-commerce, which is the only reason for contact to progress in 2020 and represents more than 60% of contacts ! Customers needed reassurance on the routing, delivery, return, exchange or reimbursement of their packages, which led to rethinking processes in order to optimize them. The closure of physical stores and the changes in life caused by the crisis therefore led to a decrease in contacts for the after-sales service (-38%) and for a BtOB relationship (-18%). 

Reason for contact by sector

E-commerce stands out with regard to fashion and cosmetics houses (+40% vs 2019), decoration and tableware houses and cosmetics brands.  Cosmetics also have the highest rate of product information, which can be explained by the growth of the beauty sector in 2020 but also by the elimination of testing products due to the health crisis. Finally, requests for information on Fashion creations are down (-10%), as e-merchants are increasingly using tools that offer digital help on the choice of cuts and sizes.

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