The Customer Service: A real value added tool for brands

The big issue for brands : a personalized and optimized customer experience

Excellence in Customer Relationship Management is one of the main objectives of brands and must, today, be thought of from a multichannel perspective. An individual interacting with a brand expects to be known, recognized and nurtured equally, regardless of the point of contact.

To meet this essential expectation means to immediately establish the bond of trust that creates commitment and loyalty. This requires a detailed knowledge of customer issues as well as business-specific tools. The integration of Customer Service makes it possible to meet all these needs.

Customer Service, the centre of expertise dedicated to customer excellence

A Customer Contact Center, first brings together expert teams of customer service and management. Supported and continuously trained, these teams rely on ad hoc tools developed to streamline their navigation, facilitate their responses to customers and record the reasons for contact as well as sentiment thereof. When aggregated, this information makes it possible to holistically combine efficiency with customer knowledge.

As a result, the combined data informs real time dashboards on service performance and customer satisfaction. These include NPS, CES, recommendation, FCR and more. These quantifiable indicators are used by managers to animate the teams and improve service quality. When implemented in a more macro way, the data also provides a wealth of information for brand marketing teams.

Customer Service, the value creator for brands

This is the second advantage of integrating a Customer Service: access to data collected and organized to enrich customer knowledge and guide strategic choices. Choices such as the integration of new personalized and optimized services in the customer journey. 

For example, some recurring requests can be addressed by self-management tools available while ambassadors focus on value added consulting and services. 

By deploying a multichannel journey, combining both human and digital elements, the integration of a Customer Service paves the way for brands to offer a truly differentiated premium customer experience.

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