What is your feedback used for?

In the digital age all brands must have a strong online presence. Your visibility and searchability also takes into account the feedback collected; stars and reviews collected that are associated with your name. From Google’s SERP, your image value is measured by the amount and quality of your clients’ feedback. That is why it is important for you to take an interest in optimizing your feedback process.

What is a feedback?

Feedback is a comment about an action, a behaviour or a product that we will apply to:

  • Encouraging a team;
  • Correcting a practice or process
  • Maintain a permanent learning therefore facilitating an evolution  

Spontaneous feedback, emails, customer reviews, comments, online chats, organised calls, after-sales service, webinars, live contact points including events and in-store purchases; a brand today has a multitude of channels to utilise to receive feedback from the customer.

Beyond your external credibility, the customer’s voice is a great tool for you to improve your practices.

The customer’s voice as a barometer

Collecting feedback from your customers and analysing need to be a constant tool of assessment for your product. Are you going in the right direction? Have you met the right expectations? You can take this information and act swiftly on what they like or dislike.

This barometer also gives you the measure of the customer relations aspect of your business. Do you know how to answer and reassure in service? Feedback provides you with tools at all levels of interaction with your community.

The feedback management

Because there multiple channels of communication, you can’t thrive with outdated feedback management today. Not only should your consumer have the opportunity to express themselves in multiple places, you must still push them or even create a need for expression. This can be done with a satisfaction survey and community animation – it is no longer dependent on passive feedback.

Collection, processing and analysis; your feedback management now involves the work of a Data Analyst who will give you a clear direction of your commercial actions to take in a fast turanaround time.

Because it is easier to satisfy an existing customer than to acquire a new one, implementing a integrated feedback analysis strategy is a smart business decision. The AreYouNet platform ,with 20 years of successful experience, allows you to:

  1. Collect the ‘cold’ voice of the customer
  2. Maintain a lively engagement with a collection of ‘hot’ feedback for specific needs

Get advice from ODiTY experts regarding a personalised feedback management and analysis tool your own.

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