When the consumer becomes your best advisor!

Entering the crystal ball of the behavioral mystery of customers and knowing how they will react to its products and services is the dream of every marketing manager, every business enterprise. Customers ? We would definitely like to know who they are, what they buy and most importantly, why they buy.

How do you know what your customers want? How to clearly understand their expectations? A sales strategy manager wants to know what triggers the act of buying in his customers, what is called the “key selling point“. Depending on the period and the evolution of the market, as well as that of the company, this argument varies over time. Knowing your clients well means building a direct, long-term relationship with them and controlling changes.

AreYouNet‘s solutions for surveys and data analysis allow you to easily carry out this process and to maintain, at all times, an accurate antenna to capture the wishes of your customers.

The collection of useful data

AreYouNet is first and foremost a useful data recovery tool. Our core business is to provide a reliable, simple, comprehensive and quick to learn way to set up campaigns to collect customer reviews, whether they come from direct or indirect sales through a network.

We have developed an intuitive and efficient online platform to collect the opinions of your customers and adjust your campaigns according to their expectations. In a few minutes, create and analyze polls and satisfaction surveys in your own way: the tool is fully customizable. Collect opinions, comments and build a database of reliable performance indicators.

For the analysis of your website, our LiveIntercept device allows you to obtain instant feedback from users of your website, without the collection of cookies. In real time your visitors help you improve the navigation and performance of your site. Track a relevant set of data such as time spent, number and order of page views, and user comments.

Identify the right questions to ask

In order to collect as much relevant information as possible, our survey creation and distribution software can be quickly learned and analyzed in real time the responses obtained. If needed, our team of experts are on hand for any assistance. However, the quality of the questions asked will depend on the relevance of your analysis of the level of satisfaction of your customers.

Depending on your activity and the type of clientele, you will need to establish a typical data sheet: gender, age, profession, number of people in the household, etc. In BtoB, it will be important to know the nature and type of the business concerned.

The rest of the questions to ask will build on the previous one and should let you know what your customers are doing, what their interests are, why they are buying and when. Regarding the act of purchase, the questionnaire will attempt to reveal how they buy, how much money they have, and what triggered the act.

Finally, a wheel of open questions will be created to find out what your customers expect from you, what they think of your business and, why not, their position in relation to your competitors.

Process the data and make the necessary decisions

AreYouNet has imagined several possibilities in terms of data processing. Once your satisfaction survey is complete, our online solution allows you to quickly draw statistics and monitoring tables with relevant indicators.

For in-depth analysis, our dedicated SurveyMiner software allows you to easily approach the statistical processing of information with direct access to your survey data, without having to resort to sometimes perilous data imports. Editing of reports is automatic and some fifty preprogrammed graphics make your restitution work easier.

For any information request, do not hesitate to contact us: we will help you to properly use the feedback from your consumers!

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