Why should you do a satisfaction survey?


Collecting the level of satisfaction of your customers is now an integral part of the arsenal of performance indicators for your company. Yesterday tedious and cumbersome to put into practice, the satisfaction survey is now within the reach of each type of business and for each type of market. Taking the temperature of your customer satisfaction can be done on a recurring basis thanks, for example, to online questionnaires and thus, on a given market, this makes it possible to constitute a real knowledge base of its customers. It’s the surest way to steer a strategy, correct mistakes and react quickly to demand. The satisfaction survey is the main vector for determining your ROI (Return on Investment).

Knowing whether a customer is satisfied or not with consuming a service or product is something to master. There is an essential “snowball” effect. Statistically, a happy customer convinces four others to trust a company. The reverse is not valid, however. In fact, an unsatisfied customer transmits, on average, his feelings to ten other people. In addition, in most cases, the latter data is not known to the organization or company concerned, because most often the client leaves without being known, without communicating the reasons for his dissatisfaction.

The satisfaction survey is a powerful antenna for capturing moods and feelings. It is directly linked to the profitability and organization of the company.

The objectives of a satisfaction survey

Listening to your customers must be done effectively and efficiently. The main goal of a satisfaction survey is to understand what works and what doesn’t. And the opportunity is unique for the client: he can express himself freely, without filtering, without going through the more or less permeable administrative layers of an organization. A satisfaction survey is a customer relationship booster.

A successful satisfaction survey is a survey that intelligently measures customer satisfaction. It must set up a form of barometer, the evolution of which will be monitored over time. The quality of a product or service that goes through the “fire test” of the satisfaction survey is assessed more securely and more precisely: we know more quickly what to correct, what that it is necessary to improve and how to orient the strategy.

With AreYouNet, you can conduct your satisfaction surveys independently on our SaaS platform and go further by:

  • Raising insights in real time,
  • Building a growing loyalty,
  • Using your loyal customers to promote your brand
  • Generating more relevant information to drive your business to success.

Take advantage of feedback from a satisfaction survey

Developing satisfaction samples will help to set up useful KPIs for the entire organization. With a recurring strategy of satisfaction surveys, we will make these key objectives easy to analyze, by all the teams concerned. This monitoring will allow, first, to identify improvement priorities, then, to plan the quality policy and strategic development choices.

Internally, the results of a satisfaction survey are a unique opportunity to mobilize employees around specific issues. At the very least, for teams by force of production, it is also the opportunity to raise awareness and strengthen a sense of belonging to an entity. The ultimate goal of a satisfaction gathering campaign is to build customer loyalty through a series of logical actions: improve the image, create convincing word of mouth and make the customer “come back”. A listening company or organization strengthens and establishes its position on the market by its positive image. It is more profitable because it has better organized itself to meet needs. It makes the job of the competition more difficult.

With the AreYouNet platform, do your satisfaction surveys internally, or let our teams of experts take control and do it for you !

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