Why should you do internal surveys?

Customer Satisfaction and Internal Satisfaction are at the heart of priorities within any company.

It is essentially for this reason that Employee Evaluation is developing more and more thanks to dedicated and particularly relevant tools. AreYouNet supports you in this essential stage of your strategy.

Employees = Spokespersons

The main ambassadors of your structure are your employees, which is why you must take care of them and establish a positive social climate in your company. Internal satisfaction surveys are essential to find out the opinion of your employees and their level of appreciation. Pervasive bullying in one of your departments will, for example, create a negative feeling on the part of your employees. You must imperatively anticipate the needs of your staff, as well as those of your customers, in order to build a solid and sustainable quality approach. Optimizing human resources, developing your teams and helping managers are some of the missions that you must promote.

Know the opinion of your team

Regularly, we invite you to question your employees to better understand their expectations in relation to the structure in which they operate. Motivational surveys are ideal for you to measure your team’s commitment to your business. They are also a safe and effective way to assess your impact on the image you convey internally. A satisfied employee will make this known, both to his colleagues and to those around him. Conversely, a member of your harassed team will talk about it around them, which will seriously damage your brand image. Think about it!

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your structure

The implementation of an internal satisfaction survey offers you the possibility of obtaining valuable information to develop your managerial strategy.

With the responses gathered, you will be able to more easily introduce new actions and innovate to seduce your team while remaining relevant. As you will have understood, internal investigations are necessary to progress over the long term, to correct any errors produced and points of dissatisfaction noted.

Encourage your staff to satisfy your customers

Evaluating your employees allows them to be fully understood and heard: through this tool, you prove to them how much they matter to you and the proper functioning of your business. A satisfied team will generate better results over the months, be sure! An appreciable social climate conveys a positive image of your structure vis-à-vis your customers who will have to deal with collaborators who listen, producing high-quality work.

AreYouNet for the development of your internal surveys

A motivation survey allows you to become aware of the social reality of your structure while understanding the reasons why your employees give a positive or negative opinion on its functioning.

The internal satisfaction questionnaires bring a real plus within your company and encourage you to carry out relevant and innovative actions for its evolution.

AreYouNet supports you in the creation of online, tailor-made and personalized internal surveys. Our solutions are suitable for all companies, regardless of their sector of activity, to probe their teams quickly and ergonomically. We help you to better understand and analyze the data collected so that you can draw up concrete results and move forward serenely towards new perspectives.

For any question or demo request, our advisors are available to listen to you throughout the year by email or by phone!

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