Why should you outsource?

When a company is not or no longer able to accomplish all of its missions internally, it turns to an external service provider to achieve its objectives. We then speak of outsourcing, in the broad sense. This mechanism is called BPO, for Business Process Outsourcing. Outsourcing certain missions is a flexible and economical solution. It allows dynamic companies to remain flexible, responsive and competitive.

Definition of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Applied in the broad sense, BPO represents the outsourcing of a business procedure to a specialized service provider. Business Process Outsourcing relocates one or more tertiary activities to other companies, such as, traditionally, outsourcing, IT outsourcing, the usual back-office, accounting or administration professions.

In the IT field, outsourcing concerns entire sections of certain companies which outsource the development of their applications, the management of IoT projects, network administration, cybersecurity, etc.

Outsourcing is most often called upon when the company must perform tasks requiring high qualifications and / or knowledge that it does not always have or that it cannot plan for due to lack of resources. It then calls on a third-party company to which it delegates a mission, or even all of a function or a profession.

Benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing services, as offered by the ODiTY Group, will allow you, at the end of the day, to reduce costs by choosing the most adequate service from a complete and efficient range of services: digital services, Customer Relations centers, panel management, satisfaction surveys, acquisition of traffic and prospects, integrated management of customer operations, etc.

For your most specific projects, ODiTY, an efficient external service provider, will be able to offer you the most appropriate service according to your KPIs and your budget. We are able to offer you any tailor-made solutions most in accordance with your specifications by co-constructing with you a detailed schedule of services: operational or functional scope, process, modalities of execution, development, acceptance, etc.

At ODiTY, our project management methods are proven and recognized by more than 200 brands in France and around the world. For each client, we assign a team dedicated to the governance of the project so that its management is optimized from end to end. We implement our best practices for achievable results and effective transformation.

By outsourcing certain missions, particularly when they are not at the very heart of the company’s activity, the latter relieves itself of an internal management and profitability problem. It can then focus more on its own activity, remain inventive, and mobilize its human resources in good working order. This is a definite competitive advantage.

Expertise brought by outsourcing

In the past, outsourcing was mainly used for economic and cost reduction reasons. Things are not the same now. An Expert in outsourcing such as ODiTY provides you with the broad services necessary for the performance of your business.

Faced with the current complexity of the markets, the diversification of regulations, the constant digital transformation, multi-channel sales, the versatility of buyers … it becomes more and more complicated for a leader to identify the levers for improving the business. BPO can quickly deliver innovative solutions, in addition to its flexibility and smart costs.

Today’s BPO creates added value. It is also a management and development tool. Through the cutting-edge digital solutions it provides, it offers the company instant knowledge in terms of expertise and transformation.

At ODiTY, we are both consulting and operational in Customer Relationship and Customer Experience. Our Outsourcing Teams, Experts in multichannel Customer Relationship, benefit from the SaaS digital platforms edited by our subsidiary ODiTY Technology:

  • LiveIntercept, the platform for personalizing web customer journeys and optimizing conversion rates
  • AreYouNet, the online feedback, surveys and panel management platform
  • CX Platform, the collaborative management solution for customer interactions

The complementarity of the profession and the tools quickly leads to an enriched and successful Customer Experience at all stages of the customer journey.

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